Sleep Treatment Testimonials

After about 2 months of insomnia, I was referred to Dr. Stephen Billmann by my primary care physician. I was skeptical. Without medication, how can this be cured?

I was extremely anxious over not sleeping well for weeks, and Dr. Billmann assured me that he can help me. Right away, I felt I was in good hands. Dr. Billmann is a good listener, he is curious and concerned, and truly wants to help you. He is willing to figure out what is going on with you, and will write up your individualized treatment plan. He is very supportive and conscientious and has a great sense of humor.

After 3 visits with him, and many changes with my bed time behavior, I am now able to sleep like I was before the insomnia started. The anxiety is gone, and this treatment worked for me.
I feel like myself again.

Marilyn K.


Dr. Billmann helped me to make small changes to my sleep routine that gave me back the gift if a restful night’s sleep. I wish I had done it sooner.

Lynn, Cincinnati


Thank you Dr. Billmann for all of your help!  In just three sessions you helped me achieve better, more restful and efficient sleep!  Life changing!  I highly recommend your program to anyone who has had difficulty with sleep. 

Nathan L.


“After 20+ years of frequent insomnia, I’m cured after a few sessions with Dr. Billmann. Trust his experience, listen to his advice and most importantly, commit to doing your part. Dr. Billmann, with such good humor and patience, helped me get back to living a normal life. I highly recommend Dr. Billmann!”



“Dr. Billmann was very helpful in working with me to address issues I was having with insomnia. I can recommend him, without reservation, to anyone who is experiencing sleep issues. He is very thorough and the techniques he uses are very effective.”



“Dr Billmann began treating me for chronic insomnia after a recommendation from my primary care physician. Dr. Billmann worked with me to improve my sleep hygiene and sleep quality with cognitive-behavior therapy. After several weeks of treatment and some progress he determined that my insomnia likely had biological causes and referred me to a local sleep clinic. His diagnosis was confirmed and I got the additional help I needed. I still use the routine Dr. Billmann developed for me and I’m getting my best sleep in years. Dr Billmann’s care was invaluable in improving my sleep and I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from sleep issues.”

Steve D
-Cincinnati, OH


“Doctor Billmann was very helpful to me in dealing with insomnia. He is very experienced and his strategies are easy to implement.”

Dan B.


“I am 69 years old and have been an insomniac my entire adult life. I’ve used alcohol, Xanax (28 years) and Ambien (20 years) to get to sleep. Using Dr. Billmann’s user friendly process for the last several months, I am now alcohol and drug free for sleeping purposes and sleep ~7-1/2 hours a night. Formerly, I was going to bed earlier and earlier and sleeping-in later and later looking for that elusive 8 hours of sleep. Because of Dr. Billmann, I now have ~4 hours more each day to live my life. Dr. Billmann’s approach is low-key with a wonderful sprinkling of humor to make this life changing process less stressful.

My wife, who is well read medically, suggested that I seek out a Cognitive Behavior Therapist (CBT) to guide my sleep transformation. Dr. Billmann is a great CBT and I strongly recommend him for insomnia or other behavioral issues. He had a very meaningful impact on my quality of life.”

-Cincinnati, OH


“Having struggled with restless sleep for years, Dr. Billmann helped me to hone in on my nightly habits that were interfering with my sleep. He also determined what amount of sleep my body actually required and was full of great suggestions to help me achieve that deeper, more refreshing sleep that I have been searching for.”

Carol S.


“I have struggled with severe, chronic, insomnia for five years and spent that time trying to find someone who could help me. From trying acupuncture to sleep doctors, you name it, I’ve tried it, with most doctors only prescribing more sleep medication. I really felt hopeless and had made up my mind to stop searching for help.

It was after talking to my new primary care physician and being referred to Dr. Billmann that everything began to change. Dr. Billmann’s approach is not only natural but it works and it has changed my life. I no longer feel that I suffer any more and what seemed unmanageable has become manageable. After five years, I am finally sleeping and feel like a different person, like my “old self”. I wish I had met Dr. Billmann five years ago!”

-Cincinnati, OH


“I recommend Dr. Billmann to anyone who might be suffering from insomnia. I wish I would have discovered him sooner as I saw several other doctors first who were quick to prescribe medications of various types. As I don’t like to take any drugs, it was a most refreshing to learn that Dr. Billmann’s approach is medication free. I found him “easy & comfortable” to speak with as he helped me to relax and re-learn the art of sleeping. He often spoke of re-training the brain and together we were able to accomplish this in a short amount of time. Doc was able to reduce my anxiety as I experienced progress in my sleeping pattern.

I have NEVER written a testimonial for public display in my life until now. I feel compelled to speak on Doc’s behalf because my quality of life is back to normal now and for this I remain most grateful.”

-Fairfield, OH


“Dr. Billmann helped me regain a good night’s sleep and really tailored my treatment to me. As someone who over-thinks, he helped me think my way out of insomnia. He also provided me with the tools if insomnia were to ever come up again. I wish I had made an appointment sooner!”

Katie S.
-Mason, OH


“Dr Billmann treated me for insomnia. He was very thorough and helped me to fully solve my sleep problems. I read many books on the subject but could not solve the problem on my own. I learned that there is nothing better than being held accountable by a trained professional. He explained the process to me so that I knew what to expect and the process worked exactly as he prescribed. I give Dr Billmann my highest recommendation to anyone who needs help with sleep disorders. He is terrific.”

Michael C. Hadjinian